Airbus MAAS Paint Hangar

Watermark Design is proud to be working with JESCO Construction for MAAS, an aviation painting company out of Dublin, Ireland, to design the hangar where the Airbus A-321 will be painted after assembly in Mobile, Ala. This Design/Build project is the first phase of a twin hangar that will be adjacent to the assembly facility.

The overall building footprint is 27,855 square feet. An entrance lobby and two multi-level service bays make up the facility. A north bay houses areas for storing and mixing paints, as well as space for producing graphics that will be applied to the aircraft. The south bay houses employee areas including locker rooms, control offices and administrative offices.  An entrance lobby includes stairs and provisions for a future elevator to a second level that, eventually, will bridge the two hangars.

This project requires interesting design and finish specifications necessary for MAAS to complete its job. The aircraft are painted using an electrostatic process, so finish materials must be non-conductive or isolated from being grounded to keep from attracting paint particles. We chose white, metal wall panels to reflect light and create a clean-room type of environment. In addition, the facility’s offices and service areas require a 2-hour fire separation from the paint area, but require viewing of the paint process. Fire shutters and butt glazed glass help us accomplish this.

We’re working with our sister company, Thompson Engineering, on this project. Thompson will provide Project Management and Civil Engineering services.